Saturday, June 21, 2014

Faded #memories

I love when a crafty mishap turns into something kinda cool.

I was using the "three men in tophats" stamp on another project...when I was done I realized that I didn't have any baby wipes to clean the stamp.

Hmmmmmm I thought to myself...being too lazy to walk across the hall to the bathroom to wash the stamp, I just spritzed it with water and stamped it off on a scrap piece of white paper.

Hmmmmm I thought to myself again, I kinda like how that looks...I'm going to leave it until it dries to see if I am going to use it or recycle guessed it, I used it!

I love how all the detail in the stamp fades as you move to the left of the an old photograph that was damaged by water. I wanted to keep it pretty CAS but I added the staples to break up the white on white on white.

White cardstock (Recollections)
Black Soot distress ink (Tim Holtz)
Steampunk stamp set (Tim Holtz)
#hashtags stamp set (Tim Holtz)
Stapler and staples


Barbara Godden said...

hmm my happy accidents don't work out that awesome. I'm sorry I've missed commenting but it takes longer with a magnifying glass lol. I need to find out if I can make the curser darker I lose it on the screen lol.

Lindsey said...

Wow, this cleaning shortcut turned into such an awesome image, and a great card!

Jessi Fogan said...

Awe.Some. So cool how the detail is clearer on one side than the other - kind of like memories themselves. Too neat! I want my crafty mistakes to work out like that too :)