Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hybrid Thank You Card

I had a request from work to design 50 thank you cards for one of our projects.

The card had to have the logo for the project as well as the logos for our agency, the funder and community partners. I thought it would be easier to design the card digitally, print it and stamp thank you on the outside. He even did the green and yellow layers digitally (I didn't even want to think about how to print, cut / punch all those logos for 50 cards LOL).

So I asked for some help from a friend of mine who has WAY better graphic design skills than I have, he designed the front of the card, then all I had to do was print them and stamp "Thank You" on the inside.


  1. This is awesome, Donna! Have to agree, doing that digitally saved a lot of hair from being pulled out! Fabulous job!

  2. You did a wonderful and be proud f what you do :) WTG there girl.

  3. Digi to the rescue! And thank goodness for talented friends :)

  4. Doesn't that make you feel good when you get Hired to create cards? Love that!! Very happy looking card! What a nice way to say Thank You! Keep up the wonderful creativity! XOXO-Shari

  5. Super job on the thank you card. Kudos to your talented friend. Good for you to put print, stamp and put together 50 of them.


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