Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ode to Leslie...

As you may know, on December 25 we lost a dear crafty friend in Leslie.

Today the design team at SHOPPING OUR STASH are honouring Leslie by sharing with you our favourite cards of hers.

Choosing one card was difficult for so many reasons...but going back through LESLIE'S BLOG and reading her very funny blog posts did indeed make me smile.

Please visit the SHOPPING OUR STASH BLOG and check out the cards that each member of the design team selected and the nice thoughts they share about Leslie and her creations.

Here's the card I selected and my little blurb:

Like everyone else, I had a really really really really hard time picking my favourite card of Leslie's. But I do admit I did enjoy going back through her blog to admire her awesome creations.
Initially I wanted to pick the "It's a Christmas Cod" card, because frig...that made me laugh.
I chose this one because I love the colours, the plaid background she made, the grumpy little groundhog(??) and I did indeed kind of think this is what Leslie would be telling us if she thought we were moping around being sad.
I love Leslie's blog posts as much as her cards. It's like you are right there with her in her craft room giggling with her at all the funny mistakes that we all make while crafting.
Ugh, sorry, I am back to sad...somewhere Leslie just rolled her eyes I am sure.


Barbara Godden said...

Great pick for a card, I too thought of the Christmas Cod, she made me giggle so many times and heaven forbid you be drinking when you read some of the posts. Great tribute to Leslie.

Lindsey said...

Great pick! I agree, hard to choose just one card of Leslie's as a favourite. I will miss our snarky emails back and forth!

Chris D. said...

I almost picked the Christmas Cod too! That one really made me laugh out loud. ☺ What a lovely tribute to our dear friend! ♥

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

I would have picked the Christmas cod too, it was her style in a nut shell. Your pick is so super cool too and a wonderful way to tribute Leslie. She'll be missed.

Love and hugs