Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Star Trekkin Across the Universe...

Tomorrow is #1 phew's 16th birthday!!! I wanted to make him a Star Trek themed card.

I even looked up how to say Happy Birthday in Klingon for the inside ("qoslIj DatIvaj" in case you are wondering).

I really really really really really really really hope he knows what this is supposed to be ha ha ha

Happy happy happy birthday #1 phew, I love you to the moon and back, the normal earth moon, you know, not any kind of weird Star Trek related moon.


And now, for your listening pleasure...sing along if you know it :)




Chris Dring said...

OMG! This card rocks!! Your nephew will love it! And holy crap, Andy and I sing this song alot! BUAHAHAHA!! Our personal joke about Star Trek is to say "To boldly go....where we're not wanted!" Lol!

Lindsey said...

Well, any nephew of mine would know right away! ;) Awesome card, Donna -- this original series fan loves it!

Jessi Fogan said...

So as usual, Chris has me snorting on top of my giggling at YOU, so I'm just going to plan on peeing myself soon.

That right there, that card, is why I love this so much. That we can make something so perfect for someone we love - it just rocks!!

Barbara Godden said...

Awesome card, cute idea, I'm sure he will know what it says.

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