Thursday, November 8, 2012

Poor Poor Yellow Dogs

Getting old sucks...not just for people, but for pets too.
Two Saturdays ago the yellow dogs went to the vet...Gordon had a growth on his head and the bump on Ruby's leg seemed to be getting bigger.
Turns out what we thought was a skin tag on Gordon's head that he had scratched open was actually a wart (who knew dogs got warts???) and the bump on Ruby's leg was getting bigger because she had another lump growing under it!!
So poor Gordon got his head shaved (nope he wouldn't look at me so I could take his picture)
And Ruby was scheduled to have surgery to remove both her leg lumps. Here she is relaxing at home after her surgery.
So, a week later, both yellow dogs have been on antibiotics, Ruby has also been on pain killers and anti - inflammatories. On Monday morning Ruby went back to the vet, she had chewed through her bandages and opened a completely separate wound on her foot. She's been in to see the vet Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week and goes back in on Friday morning again. To keep her from getting to the bandages she has to wear the cone of shame...
Isn't that just the saddest little face you've ever seen????
After a few days she figured out how to pick up toys with the cone on and started to look a little less miserable.


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