Sunday, January 15, 2012

coaster calendar

I finished off my scrapbook this afternoon of the 2009 cruise (a whole scrapbook in a weekend...not bad huh??? Helps that our computer crashed and I don't really have a whole lotta photos to use).

Once that was done, I started another project I have been thinking about for a few days.

Sherry posted a really cute calendar she made on Stampin Scrappin Roadtrippers and Deb was kind enough to send me the templates for the 2012 calendar.

I have a bunch of coasters that I have had for a while and have never done anything I broke out my Spice Cake DP from SU and made a calendar from six coasters.

You all know how much I love love love to shred the edges of paper, and with three layers for each month, it took me some time to shred and ink up all the paper, all in all I am quite pleased with how it came out. Not sure if I want to add some more small embellishments or if I am going to keep it as is...will sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

Here are the first three months of the coaster calendar...thanks for lookin :)

Sorry about the dull pictures, I either need a new camera or to figure out a better spot to take pictures...

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Sassette said...

Love this project! Perfect for a desk!