Sunday, September 18, 2011

You're my cup of tea...

Anyone who knows me knows that I love love love tea!
Tea granny - that's me - and yeah, I likely do get the love for tea from my grannies :)
So when Ter posted a tutorial for a starbucks inspired cup could I resist?

If you want to try it out - here's a link to the tutorial:

And here are the two cards I made (I scanned them on a yellow piece of cardstock so the white lid would show in the picture). You can also use these as gift card holders! I know I would love to receive a Starbucks gift card in a card shaped like a cup!!

So here's my Starbucks inspired cup (complete with sleeve kept from a Starbucks chai latte earlier in the week):

And here's the more generic one:


  1. no hint there eh? ;)
    great tea-cup cards

  2. You did great on the coffee cups "NOW WHERE'S MY COFFEE" tfs


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