Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alley's wedding samples

Alley and I got together today to make some wedding invitation samples (best way to spend a Sunday!!)

Her colours are black and granny smith apple green (we used SU's gable green). I wasn't too sure on this colour combination at first, but now that I see them together - WOW!

We wanted to somehow incorporate her dragonfly theme into the invitations as's what we came up with today.

Criss cross card (they are so great for wedding invites!!) in black and gable green with a black and white invite card insert.

We embossed the dragonfly and the love sentiment.

Here's the first sample...

Here's the second sample, with black sponged edging - we both decided we liked this one better...


  1. OK if I do say so myself, I am pretty smitten with these {lol}

  2. I also like the sponge edged one too! I think they are perfect :)

  3. Nice! I love the colour scheme. Great job!!


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