Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get Well Wendy

We have a stamper down!! I repeat...we have a stamper down!!!

Very best speedy recovery wishes to Wendy who had rurgery this week.

What a trooper, surgery yesterday, getting up and about today and checking in to let us know that she's ok.


Maggi said...

I hope Wendy is feeling better! This is a cute card, love the bird!

This is JustAddGlitter from Swap-Bot, happy swapping! :)

The Fifth Street Mama said...

What a sweet owl card! I hope Wendy is recovering well :)

Fifthstreetmama from swap-bot

Jex said...

This is Jex from swap-bot =)

You make beautiful cards, I always wanted to learn but in my country is difficult to find supplies =(

Definitely I will visit you often ;)