Saturday, September 28, 2013

Super Scary Halloween Haunted House

I completely LOVE that Joel shares my love for hangin' out in the craft room gettin' messy. He's been working on this haunted house for DAYS!!!

With some finishing touches this morning he has decided it's finished.

He punched and crimped the shingles for the roof, coloured and spritzed the screen door, stamped scary halloween-y vampires, bats and skeltons, used the cuttlebug to cut out a skull, made a row of pumpkins for the lawn and hung bats from the telephone wire! On the side that you can't see, he used the owl punch to make some googly eyed ghosts too!
I don't think the pictures do justice to all the hard craft work that went into this creation!!

 Here's a close up of the screen door (note the skull door knob & ghost inside)

Look what I made!!


  1. WTG Joel love what you did with this...haunted house design rocks...keep on crafting the both of you Yahoo!!!

  2. Super cool haunted house. it's FABULOUS!!! So great you are a crafter like Mom!!!

  3. There's no way this doesn't look even better in person! So, so awesome, Joel!

  4. Joel, you ROCKED making that haunted house! This is sooooo cool!!

  5. Talented family you've got there, Donna -- and nice work, Joel! This is one great haunted house!

  6. LOVE THIS!! I'm so impressed--wish I did something fun like that when I was a kid!! Keep up the GREAT crafting, Joel!! YAY! Donna, keep up the motivation--you never know, you may have a future designer on your hands! XOXO-Shari


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