Thursday, October 8, 2015

Happy 18th Birthday #1 phew!!!!

I know, I know...two blog posts in one day...totally not like me, but I gots stuff I gots to get done!

Hard to believe my #1 phew is going to be 18 this weekend!!! Where has the time gone??

#1 phew is a staunch supporter of the Liberal Party (ugh) and with the upcoming Federal Election he is SUPER excited that he will be able to vote this year (if only everyone was so motivated to vote).

So while I kid that I will vote to cancel out his vote, I thought a red card with a play on the Justin Trudeau ads by the other parties would be funny for his birthday.

I wanted to add "nice hair though" on there somewhere but ran out of space so maybe I'll write it on the inside...he he he 

Shite I used to make this card:

  • Red and white cardstock (Recollections)
  • Black puffy letters (from an old card kit, not sure who made them I threw out the packaging)
  • Maple leaf punch (Martha Stewart)


  1. Hahah - a little friendly rivalry in the voting process never hurt anyone. I'm sure he loved that you put so much thought and humor into it!

  2. OH SWEET BABY JESUS please write nice hair though!!!!!! lmao
    This is just beyond perfection, Donna!

  3. What a great take on Justin, and I giggled when I read about cancelling his vote. I watched Justin on Canada A.M. this morning and he said if you don't vote you are doubling a vote for the rival party. Happy Birthday to your "phew"


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