Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ebay is a dangerous thing...

For the record, let me tell you...I love ebay...I love buying things on ebay...I love just looking at "stuff" on ebay. I recently bought a stamp set at Michael' very first set of Tim Holtz clear stamps. The one I bought it Visual Artistry, the one with a man holding an umbrella, a clock, some tickets, a few sentiments and for some reason birds on a wire.
If you are not familiar with the crazy amazing work of Tim Holtz, you are missing out. I have long since been in awe of his work, I follow him on Twitter and Pinterest, I read his blog regularly. I really LOVE his shabby, distressed, out of this world cool style. For sure, some of it is totally over the top, but that's what makes it so amazing.
So this morning I started looking for card samples online using the stamp set I bought, one of the links I followed brought me to the same stamp set on ebay...for a mere FRACTION of what I paid for it (including shipping!!).
That's where I went off track...I have a list of about 25 Tim Holtz stamp sets that I really really really want. I have put them on my Christmas far I have only made one ebay bid...
I know I know I know...its REALLY wrong to buy things for myself before Christmas....but they are soooooo freakin cool!
So, if you are not yet on the Tim Holtz bandwagon...let me tempt's a link to his blog: 

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