Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Post Christmas!!!

So Christmas is over for another year....362 days til next Christmas for those who are counting :)
(you're welcome for that reminder) on to counting down the last 4 days of 2011...

I am happy with my crafty progress over the holidays, made all my own Christmas cards again this year, as well as a big order for a United Way fundraiser for work and a few smaller orders for friends and family.

Last year I participated in a handmade Christmas ornament exchange on Stampin Canada, Wendy was my partner and she made me the COOLEST paper ornament I had ever seen. It looked like a small book all folded up, then you open it and it makes a star. I wanted so badly to learn how to make one!

Wendy brought it to our SU downline Christmas party, and then our SU upline (the lovely ML) sent us a video on how to make it. Here's a link if you are interested:

So I made a bunch for Christmas for family....and then this one for my cousin-to-be Mike who shares my love for zombies and skulls, I think everyone should have at least one skull themed ornament on their tree :)

Here is the ornament folded up / closed:

And here is is open:

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