Sunday, November 6, 2011

Because I am a dummy & Ter is too nice to say so...

Over on SC, Ter is hosting a gold / silver Christmas card swap. With this swap, you send one extra card and she is going to mail them overseas to the troops.
So when you do this, you can't use glitter on the cards, it could get on their uniforms, reflect and perhaps give away their position - not good.
So I made my cards, sent them off to Ter (weeks ago) and only figured out TODAY that I used silver glitter on ALL of them....DUH
And of course, Ter is too nice to say that I am a this morning I made a variation of the card, used silver twine and NO GLITTER
I like this little 3-D tree, its easy to make, 4 punches of the pennant punch, stick em together and voila...Christmas tree.

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Barbara Godden said...

Wow very cute, love it, I might have to try this sine I have the punch (and stamps) that have never been used.