Monday, September 5, 2011

Holiday Mini Sneak Peek #1

Jen and I are doing a holiday mini sneek peak workshop this week

I wanted to do a few different cards with the Stitched Stockings set and coordinating punch.

Here's the first card I came up with...kinda tedious with the piercing....but I am happy with how it came out. I love the little jingle bells - they even ring!

I also learned a new skill...using a needle threader to get the twine through the bells. After 5 minutes of looking at it like a monkey, I Googled it - DUH - hahaha I can tell you that putting the thread in the needle threader THEN putting it through the bell didn't work ~~ and yes Jen I can still hear you laughing!!!!


  1. omgooosh donnalee!!.. SOOOO CHRISTMASY..I LOVE IT..TFS..LOVES YA..oops sry

  2. Wow this is beautiful, such a great Christmas card, lovely sentiment.

  3. i was totally NOT laughing ;)

    looking forward to tonight!!


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