Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Niblet!!!!!

In honour of Niblet's birthday today- I have selected a new blog design.

One with birds!!!! Yes, I "heart" her THAT much :)

Happy Happy Birthday Jen!!!

Hope we can enjoy a Starbucks birthday cake ball on a stick later!!
(also hope you're not mad I "stole" this pic of you from your blog)


  1. AWK!!!! ROLFMBO!
    k, I can't believe you have BIRDS on your blog!!!! :O ;)

    thanks for the blog dedication -
    not my *best* picture... but I suppose I yam, what I yam! :P

    you are my RAWKSTAR!

  2. HEY! :P

    i commented last night and it's not here! :(

    Thank you for honoring moi pour mon anniversare ;)

    I had a SUPER AWESOME day!!!

    thank you x infinity! ;)


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