Sunday, October 17, 2010

A spider spied a spider on another spiders back...

Remember that old rhyme?? For some reason I had that stuck in my head when I was making this of the other verses is much harder...

"One big bug bled black blood while the other big bug bled blue"

Try saying THAT five times fast...

OK I's the third Halloween card...


  1. roflmbo - I couldn't hardly say it once! SUPER cute card!!! :D

  2. i love what you did with this art cute!!..
    when my kids were very young it was "inkey dinkey spider went up the water spout" ya

  3. Hey Donna! This is a really cute card. You always do such cute cards anyway! Take a peek over at my blog. I have something there for you. :)

  4. Forgot the link to the post. Here it is:

  5. I know it's way past halloween but this card is just too cute! I love it!


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