Saturday, September 26, 2009

YAY! I bought a zutter today!!

Exciting exciting exciting! I bought a zutter today!
It is my plan to make a little note book for each of my staff (yep, all 19 of them!) for Christmas.
I figured if I start now I might (note MIGHT) have them done by then :)

Lucky for me I have an on-call zutter expert available for consultation - thanks Wenchie :)

So, I also have to tell you about the GREAT store that I went to today to buy my zutter.

Old Tyme Country Crafts in Brampton - what a great experience. I felt very at home and welcome from the moment I went into the store. Having never used a zutter before, Sandy was kind enough to give me a quick demonstration - will let you know how I make out with mine later on :)

I always like to share good experiences (we are often so quick to share the bad ones) so I thought I would mention it here and encourage y'all to check out their blog and store if you get the chance.

Here is a link to the blog:

Here is a link to the store website:

Can't wait to try out my new zutter!!

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More like....etc. said...

I wish you would have said you were LOOKING for one {sigh} I have one that sits on my shelf I used it once to repair a book for my kids... sad. Do me a HUGE favour and use it so I can get some ideaRs ;)