Monday, August 18, 2014

A Unique Blog Hop

My crafty friend Jessi of ONE CRAFTY MAMA asked me to participate in a Unique Blog Hop. 
I have known Jessi for a few years now, we were teammies on Drunken Stampers and now on Shopping Our Stash and the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers.

I've had the opportunity (twice now) on road trips to the east coast to hang out with Jessi and her awesome family - so much fun when you get to meet a crafty / online friend  "in real life" LOL

Jessi showed us her crafty space, so I guess I should show you mine too...please don't judge me by the disaster that my craft room is...ha ha ha...who am I kidding...judge away, I KNOW it's a distaster!!

My craft room is in the basement, we live in a raised bungalow which means the top half of the basement is above ground, so I get pretty good natural light in the craft room.

Here's an overall of most of the room:

Closer look at my desk:

Cardstock and stamp storage:

12x12 paper and card kit storage (and a random paper pumpkin??):

And the super organized way (NOT) that I keep my punches organized in buckets on the floor LOL:

And finally, you couldn't visit my blog Yellow Dog Greetings without meeting the yellow dogs...

That's yellow dog #1 (Ruby) laying down and yellow dog #2 (Gordon) sitting up. My adorable little hairy minions!! They are both turning 12 this summer!

OK back to the blog is the post where I was tagged:


And here are my answers to the blog hop questions:

1. What am I working on? 

Usually projects for my design team duties at Shopping Our Stash and Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers

I am also trying to get a head start on my Christmas cards this year and from time to time Christa asks me to do some fun projects for Scraptures

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

I am not really sure that my work differs greatly from other crafty peeps. In fact I get some of my best ideas from projects that other people have created - and YES I always link and give credit to wherever that idea came from!

I struggle with CAS cards and have been making an effort to make cards that are more clean and simple (I have a tendency to over-embellish)

I do love ALL things Tim Holtz, inks, stamps, stencils, embellishments, tools...I have a picture of Tim that my friend Spike sent me hanging on my desk in my craft that CREEPY??? LOL

Oh and my colouring sucks, that's how my work differs, clearly I didn't pay attention in kindergarten when we learned how to colour!!

3. Why do I create what I do?

Crafting is my therapy. My quiet time in the craft room is my get-away from real life. I can sit in there, turn the radio on and just do something fun.

I like creating cards for other people, for special occasions or for no reason at all. Who doesn't like to get happy mail? 

I'd like to do more scrapbook layouts, I love making 8x8 pages, just haven't done any in a while for some reason...hmmmmm

4. How does your creative process work?

Sometimes it doesn't, LOTS of times I end up pitching a half finished project into the recycle bin LOL

I start with a basic idea of what I want to make, or a theme for a particular challenge.

Rarely does the idea in my mind at the beginning look anything like the finished project at the end...I guess that's creative process???

For next week I am tagging two more crafty friends:

Michelle of Maybe Creative

I got to know Michelle through Scraptures and we have also worked on two design teams together (Drunken Stampers and Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers). Fun that we don't live too far apart so we get to see each other at Scraptures crops. Michelle was also was kind enough to let me tag along with her to Vicky Boutin's year sale this summer :)


Shari of Ain't That Artsy Fartsy

I got to know Shari through Drunken Stampers originally...she's like my sister from another mister! We share an adoration for Mr. Tim Holtz and an affinity for 80's music! I love that Shari takes us through her creative process on her blog step by step - awesome!!

Be sure to visit Michelle and Shari's blogs on Monday August 25th when it will be their turn to post about themselves and then tag more players for the Unique Blog Hop!


Chelle (PhotoArt/MaybeCreative) said...

Very least I will know what I am looking into doing next week.

Chris D. said...

Cool beans! Loved to see where you create your masterpieces, Donna! (But, of course, I'm loving that last pic of the Yellow Dogs the most!)

Shari Trumbull said...

YAY Donna!! I love learning about all of my creative friends and love taking a peek inside their creative spaces and minds ;) :) Don't worry, I won't stay long :) Fabulous getting to know you more, Donna and I'm so honored that you tagged me for next week!

Lindsey said...

Such cute yellow dogs! I am so excited to see someone with even more paper than me -- and enjoyed the rest of the peek into your crafty life, too!

Jessi Fogan said...

PAPER RACKS! I'm jelly! I love how you have it set up in there - because it works for you! And the random baskets with stuff - yep. lol! And *waves hi* at Ruby & Gordon :)

VaryScrappy (Shannon) said...

Your room looks great Donna!