Thursday, August 9, 2012


Here are a few pictures from last night's wedding rehearsal at the Kortright Centre. What a beautiful venue for a wedding, it's going to be absolutely gorgeous!! I admit I cried a little when I saw Josh walking Alley up the aisle and again as she and Mike exchanged mock vows. My Alley Bo Balley is all growed up and I couldn't be more proud of the woman she has become. Love you to the moon and beyond my monkey brains!!

The boys looking dapper and taking their jobs very seriously (officiant on the left)
Mike (groom) Christopher (best man & brother of the groom), Thomas (brother of the groom), Mike (cousin / friend of the groom), Josh (brother of the bride & my cousin)

Josh walking Alley up the aisle, a practice run, I love the smiles on both of their faces...these two are my everything!

Officiant (left), Alley (bride), Mike (groom), Thomas & Mike (groomsmen / ushers)

Thanks for lookin!!

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Gail said...

lovely pics..and an exciting event..look forward to more..tfs..loves ya